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Indian Instruments 


Dear music friends,

the private "Tabla & Talim School" in West Bengal, under the direction of Pandit  Swapan Bhattacharya, offers musical instruments.
It is not so easy to get good traditional handmade instruments.
Each Indian instrument is made by hand and must be played in and adjusted. In India, there are few instrument makers who still really master this art. We are in contact with some instrument makers personally and organize for you the purchase & worldwide shipping of the instruments directly from India - West Bengal. 

A small selection of musical instruments:

- Musicals Tabla Set
- Basic Tabla Drums Set
- Steel Bayan
- Copper Bayan
- Tabla case made of fiberglass (international)
- Tabla Set with Tabla Bag

- Dholak
- Bangla Dhol
- Sri Khol
- Nal

- Sitars
- Harmoniums and other Instruments 

All in good quality!

If you are interested in an instrument, please send us an E-Mail.
We will be happy to help you.

Below you can see some impressions of the instrument makers.

Swapan Bhattacharya

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