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Timetable & Course Fees

Private course in  TABLA & TALIM

School Timetable 

Individual and group lessons (from 5 years)
SATURDAY  from 9 a.m. - 12 a.m.
SUNDAY  from 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.

This is our current schedule, if you do not find a specific course or if you want some other days or timings, please let us know and contact us. 
Additionally, let us know if you would like to be added to our database so that we can keep you
updated with our new term schedules as they are confirmed. Dates and Times are subject to change. Classes maybe cancelled, merged or rescheduled by „Tabla & Talim School“ prior to class start date.

Monthley Course Fees

Details of our current pricing structure can be found below. 

Please note that full payment is required prior to starting any course in order to secure your place. Details of how to make a payment are outlined below the pricing information. For any questions, please  email us.

Registration Feeone-time payment amount500 ₹ 
Monthly Feeone times in month (2.5 hour) 2,600 ₹ 
Monthly Feetwo times in month (1.5 hour/45 min. each)1,800 ₹ 
Monthly Feefour times a month (3 hour/45 min. each)1,200 ₹ 

Monthly Fee
Special Classes for Master Candidate
Ones in the Week (no timelimet)

1,500 ₹ 

Special OFFER
For Distance Student from India and Abroad
Fooding, lodging and learning with Guru-Shishya Parampara
per day
2,000 ₹ 

NOTE:  These fees may be subject to change in subsequent calendar years.

FAQ-Payment Methods

Payment Methods and DetailsPayments can be made using the following methods:

Cash: in person (please remember to collect a signed receipt for your payment)

Cheque: payable to Swapan Bhattacharya (please write your name on the back of the cheque).
Purpose: Fee for ……….. Please mention the student’s name and the course level

 Bank Transfer: please email us at to advise the transaction detail.

We recommend you register and pay early in order to avoid disappointment. Only payment will guarantee registration.

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