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Lessons for beginning and advance student

Lessons for beginning and advance student.

This private class is ideal for anyone who wants to learn Tabla or deepen their already learned knowledge. 

Swapan begins teaching new students in small classes and giving close attention to each student. His over twenty years old knowledge as a teacher and passion for the Tabla instrument, have made him one of the most successful Tabla Teacher of our time, specially in Hamburg (Germany) and Calcutta (India).


Tabla Introduction
- How to learn and play the traditional Indian Tabla drums
- Understand the basic elements, sounds and phrases of Tabla
- How to Tune Your Tabla

Playing Technique
- Finger placement
- Tempo and Rhythm

Taals of Tabla
- Teental and other Patterns
- Jhaptal and Rupak
- Dadra and Keherwa


There will learn Kayda from different Gharana, many TUKRA and CHAKRADAR  from great Gurus. How to play Solo performance and to accompany with other Vocal and Instrumental music.

You learn: Free improvising music with your high knowledge.

The teaching method of the private TABLA classes and WORKSHOP's take place in the following languages: 

Bengali, German, Hindi and English.

Instruments are provided at the class. The students only need to carry a note book with them. We are happy to assist you in purchasing your own instruments for your child.

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Are you interested in private lessons at "Tabla & Talim School" or would you like more information? 

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